Fiber Art and Woven Morse Code

It's All in the Twist

Fiber art made with materials like cotton, wool, and even paper have a long, storied history. Pamela creates one-of-a-kind fiber art and wall hangings using various techniques including weaving, rug punching, and knitting.

Morse Code and Weaving

Using specific weaving patterns and techniques, Pamela Schultz creates hidden messages and meaning that are literally built into the fabric of the art.

Let us design a memorable wall hanging for you. Examples include:

  • the name of a loved one,
  • uplifting words like "peace," or
  • meaningful phrases and sentences
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Morse Code Weavings

Punched Rug Wall Hangings

About the Artist

A North Carolina textile artist, Pamela uses yarns that she often spins and dyes herself to explore the shapes and patterns that emerge when water interacts with its environment and vice versa.

She hopes to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world, and to encourage viewers to look more closely at the beauty that surrounds us.