Home of the "World's Most Comfortable Mug"

Rather than forcing your hand to conform to a handle, we designed the handle around your hand. Momnt Mug's patent-pending handle:

  1. Reduces pain points on your fingers
  2. Never slips
  3. Gives you a more steady secure grip

"What a joy for something seemlingly small."

Why Local?

Amazon is convenient, but it's an impersonal buying experience that's flooded with poor quality products and difficult (and sometimes non-existent) customer service.

We provide a better buying experience that focuses entirely on high-quality products that are made or designed by small companies and individuals from our area.

Knowing who made your item makes it that much more special, and it helps support our local economy!

Meet the People behind the Products

We believe shopping should be about more than just buying "things." Artisan Tide provides a more intimate buying experience where you learn not only about the items, but also the people who make them.

Gift Shop and Art Gallery

Part Store, Part Gallery, Part Working Studio. Learn How It's Made!

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