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"What a joy for something seemlingly small."

Why Local?

Amazon is convenient, but it's an impersonal buying experience that's flooded with poor quality products and difficult (and sometimes non-existent) customer service.

Everything in our store is either made or designed by someone within 50 miles. Knowing who made or designed your item makes it that much more special!

Notably, we sell some items that are designed locally but are made further away (including overseas) like Momnt Mugs. To learn why we do this, click the link below to read about our goal to promote both artists and entrepreneurs.

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Meet the People behind the Products

We believe shopping should be about more than just buying "things." Artisan Tide provides a more intimate buying experience where you learn not only about the items, but also the people who make or design them.

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Part Store, Part Gallery, Part Working Studio. Learn How It's Made!

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