Bird Jars and Ceramic Art

From Earth to Art

Clay's versatility makes it a wonderful medium for art! The shape, glaze, type of clay, and even the firing techniques all combine to make each piece unique and memorable.

Bird Jars, Bowls, and Ornaments

Trish's expertise and creativity make sure you have a range of well-crafted, beautiful pieces to choose from for your home or for the perfect gift.

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$10 shipping and handling on all ceramics orders so we can make sure they're packed up nicely to prevent breakage.

Bird jar and ceramic art orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

About the Artist

Making art has always been Trish's creative outlet for
expressing her pain and joy. Common themes and inspiration for her work are rooted in the foundations of my childhood growing up in the 1980s and playing in the forests of New England. She shares her ceramics expertise in each one of her art pieces in addition to teaching at BCC's Heritage Arts Center in Southport.