Paintings and Prints by Pamela K Schultz


Pamela looks for the finer details and how close-up viewpoints can differ from the big picture. This is evident in her Amaryllis painting series, where she paints close-ups of flowers from her garden. The paintings blur the line between real-life and abstract, creating a connection to the real world while leaving some details up to interpretation.


Pamela's "Shifting Sands" print series builds on her love of finding different ways to look at the world by focusing on how the sand moves and flows with the tides.

About the Artist

A North Carolina textile artist, Pamela uses yarns that she often spins and dyes herself to explore the shapes and patterns that emerge when water interacts with its environment and vice versa.

She hopes to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world, and to encourage viewers to look more closely at the beauty that surrounds us.