Many people love items that are made locally, and we do too! These are the most impactful items for our local economy and neighbors, and we love working with artists and makers in our region. However, we feel that limiting the focus solely to "Locally-Made" items can leave out an important type of entrepreneur.


We know from personal experience that many entrepreneurs may have the drive and idea for a business but not the means to actually do it all themselves.  Maybe they don't have the funds for the equipment that's needed. Maybe they work a full time job and can't scale it as easily by themselves. There are a lot of reasons why that can be the case, and it varies person to person. So while we lean towards locally-made whenever we can, we also proudly promote select locally-designed items even if they are currently made elsewhere. This includes Momnt Mugs.

Made OR Designed within 50 Miles

As long as the origin of the idea is from someone local who is trying to build something and better their lives, those are the kind of ideas, items, and people we like to promote. The most important thing is to at least get started and get some momentum, which is where most entrepreneurs get stuck. This can sometimes mean manufacturing has to be done elsewhere initially, but the hope is that eventually with some success that they can begin doing more of their work locally or, even better, in-house.

Questions or Comments?

If any part of our mission is unclear or if you'd like more clarification, please reach out!