Ergonomic Momnt Mugs

Making Coffee Comfortable

Instead of forcing your hand to fit a handle, we designed a handle to fit your hand.

Our patent-pending ergonomic mug is more comfortable to hold and never slips.

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How to Hold a Momnt Mug

Who is Momnt Mugs Designed For?

Anyone who normally grips traditional mugs with two or three fingers through the loop and uses their other finger(s) to press against the outside of the mug to keep it elevated.

We designed this handle because it is more comfortable and stable in general, but we have been amazed to hear how much it is also helping many people with hand disabilities have more comfortable mornings.

Never Slips

This is a counterbalance-style handle. Because of how your fingers interlock with the handle and give you better leverage, Momnt Mugs will never slip in your hands.

More Comfortable

We widened and contoured the bottom of the handle to maximize the surface area contacting your finger.

More contact area means there is less pressure on your fingers.

Heat-Free Hold

Because your grip is more secure, the mug won't slip and get hot against your knuckles. And we kept a gap at this part of the handle to prevent heat transfering to your hands.

What People are Saying

"What a joy for something seemingly small"

"I have osteo-arthritis, and this makes holding the mug more comfortable and secure."

"I don't even have a hand disability.  I'd probably be happy to get this as a gift."


What types of grips are Momnt Mugs designed for?

Momnt Mugs are typically a good fit for anyone who normally grips traditional mugs with 2 or 3 fingers through the loop and uses their other finger(s) to press against the outside of the handle to keep it elevated.  People with 4-finger grips or who normally hold the outside of the mug body are not as likely to benefit from our design.

Was Momnt Mugs designed for accessbility?

Honestly no, but we have been amazed by the positive feedback from people with arthritis, shaky hands, and other hand disabilities who have said our mug helps them enjoy their coffee more easily.  We designed this handle because it was more stable and comfortable in general, though we will certainly be thinking about accessible design more deliberately into our future Momnt Mugs because of the feedback from that community.

Will larger fingers fit in a Momnt Mug?

One of the more frequent complaints we've received with our 1st Momnt Mug version is that the gap at the top between the handle and the mug body is to narrow, and many people with larger fingers have had their middle and/or index finger press up against the outside of the hot mug. We are fixing that in our next version, which should release in Fall, 2024. If you have larger-than-average fingers, we recommend signing up for our email list (scroll down a little). We'll let you know when our next version is available!

How fast is shipping?

We typically ship out orders within 1 business day.  USPS First Class and Ground Shipping take between 2 and 5 business days to deliver within the USA.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, but it's expensive and can be complicated. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more details.

Where are Momnt Mugs made?

Our lower-priced mugs are made in China, and our hand-made Collaboration mugs vary depending on the ceramicist's location. To read more about why we offer some items that are made overseas, click this link to learn more.

Are Momnt Mugs dishwasher-safe?

Yes, but we do not recommend dishwashing engraved or hand-made Collaboration mugs.

Are Momnt Mugs microwave-safe?

Yes, but we do not recommend microwaving hand-made Collaboration mugs.

What is the mug and packaging made made of?

Momnt Mugs are made with food-safe ceramic materials, and the exact type of clay depends on whether it's a factory-made or hand-made Collaboration mug. The packaging is all paper-based to prevent plastic use.

How much volume does a Momnt Mug hold?

16 ounces (more sizes planned). Collaboration mugs can vary but are generally close to 16oz unless otherwise noted.

What colors do you have, and will you be adding more?

Cloud White and Sea Foam Green (more colors planned, likely to release in Fall 2024). We also have more color options available with our hand-made Collaboration mugs.

Are you working on new Momnt Mug versions?

Yes! We are constantly prototyping, improving, and planning new products that have our Momnt Mug handle, including new colors, more sizes, and even a stainless steel insulated mug. Sign up to our email list to be involved in the design process through surveys, feedback, and possibly product testing.

Ergonomics of Traditional Handles vs Momnt Mug Handles

Engineering, Meet Mug

Leverage: The counter-balance style handle gives you better leverage to keep the mug elevated and prevent slipping (& hot knuckles).

Pressure: The wider, contoured bottom half of the handle spreads out the weight against your ring finger to prevent pain points.

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About the Inventor

An engineer by trade, Mike’s passion is creating new products that solve a problem and make you say “wow, that’s cool!” From car cup holder adapters to ergonomic mugs to laser engravings, he’s always excited to try new things and see if there’s a better way.